3D-Modeling_blue 3D MODELING

3D models are a requisite for many fabrication processes such as CNC milling or 3D printing. Having a 3D model before fabrication means that you would have better visualisation before committing further resources to the project. One could even use these visuals to test the receptiveness of the design.

If you do not have a model on hand, our team of professional modellers has got you covered.


3D-Printing_blue 3D PRINTING

If you can imagine it, we can print it. Be it figurines and accessories, models, custom parts, or even an entirely new product.

Our 3D printing capabilities allow you to generate quality working prototypes in the shortest amount of time. Whether you are an creative individual or a business looking to develop your latest line of products, our service is able to satisfy your needs.


3D-Scanning_blue 3D SCANNING

Turning a real life object into a 3D model can be an arduous process, thankfully 3D scanning can make it simpler. 3D scanning is taking an existing object and collecting data from that object to construct a 3D model.

With 3D scanning, one can quickly create a 3D model for use in a variety of applications. Our techniques allow us to replicate even the finest of details that may otherwise be overlooked.


laser-cutting_white LASER CUTTING

Laser cutting is a type of subtractive manufacturing that cuts a digital design file into a piece of sheet material. Nothing quite compares to the precision offered by a laser cutter. Complex cuts and details are possible on a variety of materials such as wood, acrylic, plastic and more.

Finding uses in a wide range of industries from architecture to engineering, its potential applications are limitless.


laser-engraving_blue LASER ENGRAVING

Laser engraving applies the same technology as laser cutting for a different purpose. By finely controlling the power of the laser, we are able to chip away at the surface of a material to create intricate shapes and illustrations with distinct depth.

If you’re looking to personalise an item or add that touch of quality to a special gift, engraving is the best way to go.


custom-projects_white CUSTOM PROJECTS

Multiple years of experience in bespoke fabrication allow us to cater to your various needs. Employing a wide range of techniques to deliver the best possible results, our projects have found use in photography, advertising, and live performances.

Got something in mind? Let us know!




We begin by getting to know your business, understanding your needs and goals. We also define the budget, timeline, and deliverables to facilitate the project workflow.

Our design team will work with you to develop and refine your concept in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

Using a variety of techniques, we create the highest quality product and bring your concepts to life.

After successful execution and delivery of your project, we’ll maintain ample communications with you to ensure smooth sailing, and provide you with after-sales support whenever needed.


We strive to offer the best solution for your business and impartial advice at an honest price. We constantly seek out new trends and technologies to provide you with the best in the market, ensuring that you stay ahead of the pack. We passionately believe in proactive support and are focused on delivering the best products to suit your needs.


Our success comes from you. Through helping you turn your ideas into reality, we strive to be more dynamic and competitive. Taking it to the next level, we aim to provide the best service so that you can leave a lasting impression on your clients and customers.



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